Amputation is the severing of a part of the body in order to save the rest of the body, and those who have lost their limbs are called amputees. A person who is handicapped due to loss of a limb would be unable to discharge his or her daily duties, let alone go to the place of work. Many of these persons with amputation are employable, and very often it is the inaccessibility to artificial limbs that makes them confined to home. A handicapped person means a handicapped family. Making a handicapped person mobile contributes immensely to the upliftment of society.

In order for amputees to lead a life with dignity and avoid their dependence on their care givers, they need to be fit with prostheses [artificial limbs]. Application of the principles of limb fitting is a very scientific process and involves the measurement and fitment by an orthotist-prosthetic engineer. The prosthesis, so fitted, is customized to the user, and cannot be mass produced.

Physically challenged persons living in the deep interior rural areas cannot afford to come to the city or towns where qualified rehabilitation teams are situated; they neglect their handicap and later get resigned to a life of immobility. Sometimes a person who has been using an artificial limb is unable to use it when his prosthesis wears out and becomes irreparable.

It is our mission to conduct special camps for limb fitting at various towns and villages where the need is huge. A van specially fitted with all equipment and raw material needed to manufacture an artificial limb will tour the villages and a limb fitting team will take measurements and fit artificial limbs to those amputees in the villages free of cost.


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