Vision, Mission & Goals


Reach out to every person with disability in India who is economically poverty-stricken and provide mobility, rehabilitation and a sustainable livelihood.


Empower rural persons who are disabled and economically impoverished by providing them with mobility aids like wheelchairs, walkers, tricycles, tripods, calipers, crutches and other locomotor aids, free of cost.

Sustain and grow a robust network of Donors, Local Organisations, and a Rehabilitation Team that consists of physiatrists, trained social workers, prosthetists and orthotists.

Train local rehabilitation personnel to identify and service appliances for the locomotor disabled


Enable mobility and physical independence to the disabled from rural India, thereby training them to be independent.

Extend training and scholarship to talented differently abled children in the fields of arts, music & dance.

Create an inpatient rehabilitation centre for the economically backward sections of society.

Train physiotherapists, orthotists, occupational therapists and special educators.

Establish a special school for children with learning disability with qualified special educators.

Set up a rehabilitation research and development centre.

To have an appliance bank that would provide the beneficiary with aids that have been recycled.

Create a network of workshops to service and repair appliances for the locomotor disabled.

Create a database of physically handicapped persons.

Spearhead research in the area of biomedical engineering to harness appropriate technology for the disabled.

Remain an agile and lean organisation to reach the full benefit of funds received from our donors to the recipients.

"Reaching out to help is a natural human tendency. But very few actually do it. If you are one of those that believe in doing so, I invite you here to spend your money, use our skills, or just dedicate your time to a worthy cause."

Dr. Sunder Subramaniam,
Founder, Freedom Trust