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Acting independently, is of supreme importance in our modern society and a prayer of every disabled - be it in the area of personal care, day-to-day activities, studies, or anything that requires human endeavour or pursuit. It is in these areas that a disabled person suffers most; socially, economically, psychologically and emotionally. Furthermore, they have very limited access to rehabilitation.

In Our Silver Jubliee Year

The good news is Freedom Trust through its specialised work on rehabilitation over the last 20 years, has proved that it is possible to mainstream disabled people to lead a better self-sustaining life, just by giving the right means to mobility

The Challenge of Scaling

A key highlight of all we do is we deliver all this at no cost for the beneficiaries, thanks to our Corporate and Individual donors.

The challenge is in scaling our work to reach out to a much larger disabled population in rural India that still has little or no access to rehabilitation. While we have a team that is all charged up to take the challenge on, it won't be possible without growing the community of donors and local partners.

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